Moving Sucks!! Read how to ease the process here

Poor organization

            Stay organized with your packing. LABEL LABEL LABEL! Label all boxes, bags, containers so you can easily position the boxes in your new home to be unloading. The biggest time consumer is figuring out which box has which items. Take the time to measure your furniture being transferred to the new home as well as the entry ways into the new home to guarantee it will fit. If it will not fit it is better to know ahead of time so you can arrange for a proper moving company to help transfer the furniture professionally.

Paperwork is one of the most difficult things to transport when moving homes but only if you are unorganized. Keep files LABELED of everything you own. Put those files into a bigger box that will hold all paperwork together. Keeping paperwork organized can be stressful but you will thank yourself later if you organize PRIOR to move in day.

Create a moving budget weeks before you move that includes costs of moving companies and extra services you may need prior to staying at your new home. Planning too late will result in higher fees as well as unnecessary stress trying to find available companies. Those who do not make a moving budget more often than not end up over spending simply due to lack of planning and organization.

Relocation can be a very stressful process so planning ahead and remaining organized through the process before and during is the key to a smoother process.

 Traffic Problems

            A common struggle when moving from one location to another is the process of unloading and carrying furniture, boxes etc. from the car into your new home. Finding a parking spot right in front of your homes will make the process easier as well as the load lighter because you will not have to carry it as far. We suggest coning off spots the morning of your move in day to eliminate the extra walking, carrying and stress on your body.

 Misleading Movers

There are hundreds of moving companies out there. Make sure to do extensive research on movers to get a well estimated price that is suitable for your situation. The best suggestion is to use a company a friend or family member can refer to you so you know they are reliable and trustworthy. Purchasing appropriate insurance for your belongings may be a good idea to do as well prior to moving date.

PLAN PLAN PLAN! Stay on top of all expenses, dates and appointments when planning to move. Make the process as stress free as possible to make moving exciting rather than stressful!


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