Attention First-Time Home Buyers!

Attention First time home buyers! Don’t stress about the unknown… HIRE AN AGENT!! Aside from hiring a real estate professional to guide you through your first home purchase, here are some tips to make it a smoother, less stressful experience.

1. Hiring an agent is important but hiring the RIGHT agent for you is even more important. Find a professional who will have your best interest in mind and knows the local area and market well. This will guarantee you the quality services and guidance you need.

2. Buy within your budget. Calculate how much percentage of your monthly income you are willing to put towards your mortgage. Come to a price on your own to give you a good idea of where you may be financially. Next, get pre-approved from a lender to finalize your ideal budget for your future home. Going over budget will only limit your potential renovation plans or design aspirations. Know your budget prior to beginning your search!

3. Inspect your home! Don’t fall into the trap and go the cheap route of skipping an inspection on your home. People who pass on inspections end up paying more to fix problems that previous owners would have been financially responsible for had you gotten inspected. You may want to renegotiate the price of a home based on the inspection results and could save you money!

Things to remember when searching for your first home
1. Paint is cheap!! Don’t let paint color deter you from a home, it is an easy fix!
2. Appliances are easily replaced. Compared to a home price, appliances are cheap so don’t base your home off of luxuries, those can be purchased later.
3. Popcorn ceilings are an easy fix also!
4. Wood floor finishes can easily be altered.
5. Look past the lighting or fixtures, that’s a simple, quick fix!

Of course everyone has their own image of their ideal home but we suggest you make a reasonable list of must haves and know that several deterrents in homes are usually easily fixable or changed. Keep this in mind when searching for your first home. House hunting is fun!


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